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Latest updates- 24.01.2018(v56) (English version of the program)


After the trial period you need registration. In order to run the program "Virtual Anatomy" after the end of the trial period, you must register using the serial number, which you will receive after payment to your email.


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The registration process of the program

A user who purchased a license receives a serial number. To activate the program you need an internet connection. You must enter the serial number in the appropriate field when you first start the program (when you press the "Next" button). The program will ask to install the protection driver (click OK). The program then automatically activated through the Star Force security server and start loading program.

Number of activations 

By default, there are 5 activations. This means that you can simultaneously install the program on 5 computers, or after installing on one computer to save the possibility of 4 more activations that you may need when changing the configuration of your computer - changing Windows, adding memory or hard disk.

Do not forget to read the description program before you buy.


 Problems with launh of program

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