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Application date - 31.01.2018 . Date of registration - 6.06.2018

The "Virtual anatomy 4.0" is the developing  group of authors under the direction of Professor V.I. Kozlov (Head of the anatomy department of institute of medicine in RUDN University (Moscow)).

It went on sale in the autumn of 2013 for the first time,  and called "Virtual Anatomy." Virtual Anatomy - 3D atlas of human anatomy for private lessons on a home computer. That does not prevent its use in a classroom environment with the aid of a projector

"ARTEKSA Virtual Anatomy” -  is training program,

an interactive virtual atlas of human anatomy in 3D, designed for medical students and experienced practitioners. Technology display three-dimensional graphics based on OpenGL or DirectX are widely used in the gaming industry, which by now has reached greater heights with these technologies.

It's time to use the full potential of these technologies for educational purposes. "Anatomy" need it most of all disciplines. The study of anatomy at the moment requires the learner studying such a difficult thing, a lot of effort to "put" in the head three-dimensional understanding of the anatomy of text information in textbooks and two-dimensional images of various atlases, because each of them is distinguished by its style of drawing and scale images without giving a complete picture of the studied organ

Virtual human anatomy solves these problems. The study of anatomy on the human dead body does not always give the student the opportunity to see the layers, and also on the same corpse there are no signs of anatomical structures of the body parts, which are so necessary for the student, the student of any particular organ. This program is not the first in the category of virtual atlas of anatomy, but (in our opinion) is the only one of its kind that is fully adapted to show entire anatomy of the human body structure without barriers and trade-offs.

In our virtual atlas of human anatomy 3D you will most detailed way to get acquainted with the internal structure of a human, his cardiovascular system and the nervous system, brain, muscles, as well as fascia in the three-dimensional model. Each organ and even  parts of it have the name, it is perfect for solving educational problems, or even banal as a guide for the student or an experienced physician, as our three-dimensional atlas compiled all the information about the human anatomy.

In the future you are waiting for a very interesting program updates that add new features to it and make it even better and easier for you!

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