How often many people, who study anatomy, need a good visual example would be able to illustrate in details  the human body structure and would be able  simply to show the integrity of the living organism? Now the Internet has spread a lot of different guides that can provide information about the structure of the human body, but they are virtually indistinguishable from existing textbooks.

So what is the way to learn the anatomy is the easiest and best? You're right - use anatomical atlas of human 3D - Virtual Anatomy program! With its interactive user interaction system, you can always very simple and easy to find a clear example of any part of the human body.

Especially for your convenience, the program developed several modes that will make our atlas of human anatomy 3D your favorite visual interactive tool! At your option, just one press of the button, you will be available viewing modes arterial system of a human, his muscles, nervous and digestive systems. And that's not all! If you need to, you can easily see every detail of the human body organ in our human anatomy atlas, because it uses the latest high-tech rendering three-dimensional graphics.

Advantages of human anatomical atlas 3D Virtual Anatomy

You need to know the name of any part of the human body? Simply move the cursor to it, names will appear themselves under the cursor. You can remove unwanted objects currently a namber ways - by histology, as belonging to parts of the body, and in many other ways. To get to any, most difficult accessible area - a matter of seconds.

Three-dimensional (3D) anatomical atlas of human body capable of many things! In the future we plan to add a variety of new features, ideas that are based on your wishes, you are, by the way, can wright directly on our website by going to the page "Contacts". Simply fill out the form "Contact Us" and express their wishes! We really appreciate your opinion and will continue to actively develop our product. 

It is likely that soon the spinal cord after injury disrupted, can be restored. US scientists have developed an innovative technique that will soon be used on humans.Currently successfully completed experiments on rats. The new method uses a new developed a growth factor, which made it possible to recover the spinal cord after half a year. After some improvements, methods promise to launch masses. Here it can be called a major advance in the study of the structure and anatomy.

Our program Vitrual Anatomy allows you to get the most detailed picture of the structure of the human body. 3d-model, high-resolution detail can really show the smallest details on the complex structure of the human body structure. Our atlas of human anatomy will be interesting to students of human anatomy and experienced anatomists, who will always be able to expand the scope of knowledge of a particular organ or use the Virtual Anatomy as a reference.
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