Custom rights
Custom rights

Custom rights

Test (free) period is 14 days. Download free software to try the program work on your computer before purchasing.
The term of the license. The program has no expiration time  of the license. You can use the program while your computer is still alive. And even more, if you will move the program from old computers to a new ones. To move you need to use the deactivation function of the program on old computer.

Updates. All updates you can do for free a s they are released. To do this, follow the date of the last update of the program on our website, on the page "Download". It is desirable to remove the old version of program. At the registration of the program will not be affected. Then install the new version. Registration is not necessary.

Product activation is performed by serial key when you first time start the program. It is necessary to connect a computer to the Internet.

Deactivating the program. The serial number allows you to use the program on one computer with the ability to transfer the program up to 10 times on a different computer. To transfer the program to another computer, you need to deactivate the program. To do this, you need to find file pcnsl.exe in root of the program. Running his file will appear window where you can to deactivate the program. On the new computer, you can activate the program with your serial key.

To reinstall Windows. If you plan to reinstall Windows, you you will need to deactivate the program. And then install the software on the new, having your serial key, as in the transfer of the program to another computer.


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