Features of the program

  • Our 3d atlas of human anatomy is 4741 three-dimensional objects, each highly detailed different.

  • Each displayed anatomical structures corresponds to the name of the popup.

  • All names are in accordance with the International anatomical terminology (FICAT). English and Latin languages. 

  • Built-in search engine.

  • Low-poly objects - that provides better performance on less efficient computers.

  • Program covers the whole anatomy of the human body, including inconvenient for 3D graphics human fascia.

  • The atlas integrated filters, which allows you to filter out objects for display in many different ways.

  • In developing the program, we have paid special attention to the interaction with the user, to simplify the interface.

System requirements 

Our 3d atlas of anatomy is a technological program. However, the structure of the program is structured so that modern computers often cope with it. Suffice average laptop with a departed graphics card. It is better if there is a graphics card nVidia or Radeon. Vendors such computers are called "game computer", that is able to play 3D graphics. It does not mean that the computer will be more expensive.

Program of Human Anatomy "Virtual Anatomy", as mentioned above, quite demanding on the resources of your computer. If you are going to buy a computer, you are guided by sufficiently powerful hardware. System requirements:

  • Operating System - Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

  • On laptops may be two cards - an integrated (weak, but economically) and discrete (stronger, but consume more energy). The program should be run with a discrete graphics card - (done, right-click on the desktop)

  • The processor - dual-core, with the overall rate - at least 3GHz.

  • Video - gaming card. For NVIDIA - not weaker GeForce GTX650, for ATI - not weaker than the Radeon 8490. However, it is important that the card has been discret, not sewn into the motherboard.

  • Minimum graphics settings (approximately) - the number of cores 350, the base frequency of 1000 mg, the amount of video memory - 1024 MB

  • RAM - 2GB

  • Minimum screen resolution - 1024 x 768

  • Free hard disk space - 1GB

  • Keyboard

  • The mouse with scroll wheel

However, I must to say that your computer may be much weaker than in reality. This is due to the fact that in the study of anatomy really do not need all the organs and systems at once. You take away a lot, if not necessary at the moment. In addition,  on the stage of start of program, you can deleted some regions  of body. 

I would like remind you that the best way to ensure that your computer is suitable for use with Virtual Anatomy program, is to download our atlas of anatomy 3d, install it on your computers and start to use it for the trial (free) period which is 14 days, during which you will be able to evaluate the performance of the program and how it works on your system.

Features program "Virtual Anatomy" in Pictures


Complete anatomy

This program has enough anatomical information for medical schools.


This program has the designation of parts of objects. Symbols are on the surface of objects

Fascia, shell, Pleura

This program has fascia, and other shells of organs.


This program has all nucleus of the medulla oblongata and the hypothalamus.


Options for display objects.

Two window

Two window for display objects.
Download program "Virtual anatomy 4.0" Download

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