Problems at startup

4741 object

The program includes  4741 three-dimensional objects, of which 501 belong to the female body, the rest to the male body.

Two window

The program can use two windows simultaneously.
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A few useful tools to separate the needed to you objects  from the others.
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The program includes a full set of anatomical objects necessary to study in medical school.
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Modern laptops often have two video card. Built-in to the motherboard (integrated) and discrete - single card from a third party. Built-in video card, although its can not be weak, use   RAM as the video memory.

Integrated graphics IntelHD4000 and older cards do not work properly with many programs, including our atlas. Possible crash the program when user try to turn on the labels in the interface of the working window. To prevent such problems, we advise to use a discrete graphics card for the atlas. 

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